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Ace International commenced operations in 1990 and, has achieved a remarkable growth over the years.

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Soya Flour

Soya Lecithin

Soya Textured Vegetable Fat (TVP)

Castor Oil and its Derivatives


Corn Flour

Agro Products

  • Definition

    We are also dealing in exports the following products:

  • Castor Oil and its Derivatives

    » Castor oil, which is extracted from finest quality castor seeds.
    » We have a team of people who have rich experience in the field of castor oil and its derivative industry.

  • Soya Flour and Lecithin

    » Soya lecithin contains phosphatidy choline, phosphotidy lethanolamine and phosphtidylinositol.
    » Soya Lecithin is a clear viscous, pourable liquid with characteristic taste and odour.

  • Sesame

    » Sesame seeds are tiny, flat oval seeds with a nutty taste and a delicate, almost invisible crunch.
    » They come in a host of different colors, depending upon the variety, including white, yellow, black and red.Sesame seeds are highly valued for their high content of sesame oil; oil that is very resistant to rancidity. Sesame seeds are the main ingredients in both tahini and the middle eastern sweet treat, halvah.

  • Applications

    Soya is used in Baked Goods, caramel corn, cheese releases, non dairy creams, whole Milk Powder, chocolate/cocoa, flavour/colour incorporation, meat sauces, margarine, ice creams, biscuits, candy-based products, macaroni, noodles, salad oil, edible fat and Oils, spice oleoresins and inmedical, dietary and instant Foods.

  • Service

    For solutions suited to your needs,any further information about the products, or otherspecifications, please contact us at

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