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Ace International commenced operations in 1990 and, has achieved a remarkable growth over the years.

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Custom Blends

  • Definition

    Ace International is also a distributor and blender of high quality dairy blends. It provides private labeling for all of its products.

    These blends can include whey protein, whey protein concentrate and skim Milk Powder. At Ace, you can benefit from our extensive product knowledge that can translate into large savings to our customers. We have tremendous buying capacity power of dairy powders. If you have a recipe or formula that requires the addition of a dairy powder, you may want to utilize dairy powder blends. We can supply several excellent blends such as milk protein concentrates, whey protein blends, whey protein concentrate blends and skim milk blends at highly competitive prices.

    As producers of dairy blends, our products lend themselves perfectly for use in recipes to manufacturers in the food industry. The advantage is that they do not have to do their own blending, purchasing of the different ingredients, quality control etc.

  • Applications

    Dairy Blends are used in confectionery, ice creams, bakery etc. The main advantage being they can be modified as per requirements to make them cost effective and to increase functionality. If you need more guidance on this please contact our R&Ddepartment

  • Service

    For solutions suited to your needs, any further information about the products, or otherspecifications please contact us at

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