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Ace International commenced operations in 1990 and, has achieved a remarkable growth over the years.

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Milk & Minerals

  • Definition

    Milk minerals are natural milk calcium that is predominantly in the form of calcium phosphate. There are various types of natural milk calcium products, although most are fractionated from whey by one of several different isolation techniques, dried, and then ground into fine powders. There are several different processes that can be used to manufacture milk minerals. Please contact us for specific and detailed information.

  • Applications

    The main areas where milk minerals are used is as follows:

    » nutritional supplements such as tablets, capsules, nutritional bars and chews

    » calcium-fortified foods such as baked goods, processed meats, dairy and confectionery applications

    » Calcium-fortified beverages, such as juices and dairy drinks


    Typical recommendations are to store in a cool, dry environment with temperatures of less than 27ºC, and relative humidity less than 65%. Should be Used within 9 to 12 months. Check with your suppliers for actual storage and specification requirements as they may vary.

  • Service

    For solutions suited to your needs,any further information about the products, or otherspecifications, please contact us at

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