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Yogurt Powder

  • Definition

    Yogurt powder has been manufactured by adding cultures to non-fat milk, allowing the product to reach a specified pH, and then drying the product. There are also a number of blended dairy ingredients that provide similar flavor and functionality to traditional yogurt powder. These blended yogurt powders may contain some combination of the following ingredients: cultured non-fat milk, cultured whey, cultured whey protein concentrate, cultured dairy solids, non-fat dry milk, whey powder, lactic acid, and natural and artificial flavors. Silicon dioxide may be added as an anti-caking agent. There will be minor variations in flavor and functionality between traditional yogurt powders, depending on the cultures used and pH achieved before drying.

  • Variation

    Blended cultured dairy solids may exhibit even greater variability, so food and beverage manufacturers are encouraged to test individual yogurt powders, to select the optimal ingredient for their specific application.

  • Applications

    Yogurt powders add a unique dairy flavor to food applications, including beverages, confections and dips. They can be used in place of fresh yogurt for beverages and dips. They are frequently used in the manufacture of a confectionery coating for pretzels, dried fruits, cereal and other snack items. They also can be applied topically as a coating for cereals and snacks.

  • Service

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